Event Calendar 2017


S. No Event Tentative Date Remarks/Status
1 Interaction with Ujwal Paudel 4-Dec-16 Completed
2 Children’s Day 21-Jan-17 Completed
3 Sagarmatha Table Tennis competition 18-Feb-17 Completed
4 Knowledge Sharing Workshop : 2015 Earthquake of Nepal 02-Mar-17 Completed
5 Interaction, Meet and Greet with Transport experts from Nepal 10-Mar-17 Completed
6 Holi celebration 12-Mar-17 Celebrated at NLCCB
7 Nepalese New Year Celebration With Kutumba Band 13-Apr-17 Completed
8 ANZAC Family Fun Day 25-Apr-17 Completed
9 Buddha Jayanti celebration 06-May-17 Completed
10 NAFA – New Year celebration and fund raising dinner 13-May-2017 Completed
11 Yoga Training and Meditation Classes Every Sunday 7:00AM-9:00AM from 11-Jun-17 Venue: Ashgrove Bowls Club, Ashgrove
12 Sagarmatha Tennis Championship 24-Jun-17 Completed
13 Queensland Nepali Community Center – Interaction Program 25-Jun-17 Completed
14 NAQ Badminton Championship 09-Jul-17 Completed
15 Meet and Greet with HE Hon. Ambassador Lucky Sherpa 23-Jul-17 Completed
16 Bhanu Jayanti Celebration 28-Jul-17 Completed
17 NAQ Volley Ball Tournament 13-Aug-17 Completed
18 Teej Celebration 05-Aug-17 Completed
19 Interaction and Fund Raising Dinner With Mahabir Pun – Organized jointly with NRNA QLD 10-Aug-17 Completed
20 NAFA – “Nepal in the Park” 20-Aug-17 Completed
21 NAQ Cricket Tournament TBC Cancelled due to insufficient interest from community members
22 Dashain Khashi Match 07-Oct-17 New Farm Park
23 NAQ Dashain Tihar 2074 Celebration 14-Oct-17 Marymac Centre, 616 Ipswich Road, Annerley
24 Handover to EC 2017/18 28-Oct-17 Spring Hill Hall, 10 Love Street, Spring Hill
* Event Dates are tentative only, Final Date will be advised after completion of Venue Booking.

* All Nepalese Organisations active in Queensland are requested to consider above dates before finalising their Event Schedule.
* NAQ is open to any suggestions / discussions for the benefit of Nepalese community, please contact to discuss any related matters.