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Please fill up the following form providing your details if you wish to apply for NAQ Membership. NAQ Inc. will review your application and confirmation will be provided through an email. You must pay the membership fee before the application is processed.

Please use net bank service to make the payment of the membership fee, which is $10 for students and $15 for full members.

The bank details of NAQ Inc. are as follows:

Account Name: Nepalese Association of Queensland Inc.

Bank Name: Commonwealth Bank of Australia

BSB (Branch No): 064-011

Account No: 10140095

Use a reference while net banking: your full name (if the space is not sufficient then use your fist initial and surname or numbers such as your phone number). Please enter these details in payment details section of the form below.

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10 Commentsto Membership Application

  1. Nirmal P Rijal says:

    I would like to get email updates of events of NAQ as I am a new member. Thank you.
    Nirmal Rijal

  2. Ashok Karki says:

    i want to join in naq dai..

  3. Bhupendra Khatri Niraula says:

    Is it possible to get a proof of membership? I urgently need an evidence for my study related matters.

    Thanks in advance,
    Bhupendra Khatri Niraula

  4. Keshab says:

    Namaste everyone
    I had my dinner at the end during the program.I think there was just one food that smelled off and i had reported to some of the volunteer.I had sort of problem for one day but now i am all right.I am hoping that NAQ wont repeat this issue again.
    Kind regard

  5. Badri says:

    Some new members, who have registered with NAQ are trying to do a bank transfer of their membership fee into above account but it dodn’t transferred through.

    Can anyone check whether the account is correct or are there any issues with netbank transfer.


  6. narayan says:

    The account detail is correct.
    Narayan Koirala

  7. Kamal says:

    I do not know how many of us does the same thing I have been doing for long time (specially about 2010), ignoring to renew NAQ membership, it wasn’t intentional but absolutely being ignorant) It was really very bad test for me and certainly around me (friends and family), and I even fill bit out of equation myself, when issue raise in our social gathering with the friends, I really feel very bad, not renewing membership and making quite a big mouth perhaps. Any way I believe friends will forgive me for my ignorant behaviour for this time. I have done this simply because “haaaa…. BHOLI GARAULAA NI” Mentality.

    I would like to urge everyone those who is doing the same as me, please renew your membership and take ownership and bit of responsibility of the community.

  8. sudha says:

    After becoming a member of NAQ, do you provide a membership card ?

    • NAQ Web Admin says:

      Thank you Sudha for your inquiry.
      No, we do not provide membership card.
      NAQ is a organisation of Nepalese people to network among ourselves and to help each other and all Nepalease in Qld, within our capacity.
      We have never felt the need for a membership card as of now.

      Hope this anwers your question. Feel free to contact if you want need more info.


      NAQ Web Admin

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