Message from NAQ Election Commission

Dear NAQ members,

NAQ Executive Committee (EC) has constituted a 3-member Election Commission to conduct an election for the office bearers and members of the Executive Committee of Nepalese Association of Queensland Inc. (NAQ) for year 2017/2018. The election will be held on Sunday, the 29th of October 2017 during the forthcoming NAQ’s Annual General Meeting (AGM).

The nomination for the candidacy for the following NAQ EC positions is now open:

1. President
2. Vice-President
3. Secretary
4. Treasurer, and
5. Executive Members (five positions).

Please find the copy of NAQ Candidacy Application Form here for the election. A list of NAQ financial members will be made available at a later date by NAQ EC.

Following conditions apply for the nomination of candidacy and the election:

  • Only the valid financial members of NAQ Inc. who have taken membership for more than one year as of the date of this announcement will be eligible to nominate as a candidate for the election.
  • A member will be allowed to nominate as a candidate for only one EC positon.
  • Each candidate nominating for candidacy must have at least one valid NAQ member, eligible for voting, to endorse his or her nomination.
  • A duly completed and signed nomination form must be sent to the Election Commission by email ( no later than 13th of October 2017. Any nominations received after the due date will not be entertained.
  • Any withdrawal of candidacy must be done no later than 20th of October 2017 by e-mail to
  • In the event that no nominations were received for any or some of the EC positions by the due date, the provisions of the NAQ’s Succession Plan will be implemented in accordance with article 7.5 of the NAQ’s Constitution.
  • If more than one nomination is received for a position, an election will be held for the position by secret balloting. The arrangements for the polling will be provided later.
  • If only one nomination is received for the position, the candidate will be automatically elected uncontested and no election will be held for the position.

The article 3.3.1 of the NAQ constitution has also made the provision of nominating two advisors for NAQ EC from within NAQ members. The Election Commission will consider the “Expression of Interests (EOI)” from the members during the AGM to become “Advisors” to the NAQ EC for 2017-18 Term. If more than two EOIs are received, the Returning Officers will make a selection of two candidates based on their involvement in and contribution to NAQ activities and present to the AGM for endorsement.

We will also like to draw your attention to the following:

  • The result of the election for NAQ EC for year 2017-18 will be announced during the NAQ AGM.
  • The decisions of the Election Commission will be final and no complains or actions will be entertained.
  • The duties of the Returning Officers will cease after the election result has been announced and elected NAQ EC members have been introduced to the AGM.

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to call or send an e-mail to any of the following members of the Election Commission.

Thanking you.

Keshab Sharma
Mobile number: 04 3033 9989

Anita Adhikari Ale Magar
Mobile number: 04 0273 0156

Deepak Regmi
Mobile number: 04 0244 3018

Members of Election Commission
NAQ Election for 2017/2018

Election Commission for NAQ EC for 2017/2018

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