NAQ Children and Parents (CAP) Day 2018

NAQ Inc is organising NAQ Children and Parents Day 2018 on January 28, 2018 2pm to 6:30pm at Spring Hill Hall, 10 Love Street Spring Hill QLD 4000. This is a part of NAQ Children and Parents Initiative (CAPIn) for the year 2017-18. Please mark your calendar for the day.

This will be a talent showcase of our next generation community. There will be cultural, physical, educational, social talents on the show to encourage our children to do their best in their passion.

NAQ Inc invites expression of interests (EOI) from the Children and Parents to present their talents and/or any other items that are beneficial to both the community children and parents. Examples could be dancing, singing, storytelling, music, sports performances, or inputs from parents such as tips for good parenting, example performances, and so on. NAQ Inc will make best effort to accommodate your items in the program if it deemed feasible.

The relevant contact names, emails and phone numbers are as follows:

  1. Prabin Thapa,,0412325286
  2. Sunita Bhattarai,, 0403709870
  3. Mac Bista,, 0481292056
  4. Sudarshan Dahal,, 0432837495
The detailed program will be published closer to the date. Please stay tuned with your email and also NAQ Facebook page.

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