Nepali Pathashala (NLCCB)

‘Nepali Pathashala’ – Nepalese Language & Culture Centre (NLCC) is a non-profit, volunteer-driven, community language and culture centre that works for the benefit of the children in the Nepalese community in Brisbane. The Centre currently operates under the umbrella of the NAQ Inc.

Present highlights:

    NLCC_Enrolment form_2013

  • NLCCB has completed one year. At present there are 17 students in the Intermediate and 8 students in the Beginners Level. A few more students can be accomodated to each level.
  • Term 2-2012 started on 15 July 2012 and was successfully completed on 18 Nov 2012.
  • Term 1-2013 started on 03 Feb 2013 and was successfully completed on Jun 2012.
  • Term 2-2013 started on 14 July 2013 and running fortnightly.

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