Queensland had no formal Nepali associations until the beginning of 2006. A Social Coordinator used to be appointed for a period of 6 months from the Nepalese community members in Brisbane, to take responsibility for the social activities within the Nepali community group. Besides, a Coordinator used to be nominated every year to undertake annual sport activities such as Table Tennis and Tennis competitions among the community members. Mr Hari Khadka was mainly responsible for the coordination between the Nepalese community and NAFA to help raise funds for NAFA organised events.

However, with the tremendous growth of members of Nepalese community in Queensland in general and Brisbane in particular, urgent need for a formal association to properly manage all the community activities was realised in mid 2006. The constitution was drafted and NAQ was established in October 2006 (later incorporated) with the main objective of promoting the interest of the people of Nepalese origin residing in Australia in general and Queensland in particular and fostering friendship between Nepal and Australia. Dr Ashok Shrestha was elected as the first President.

NAQ Inc. now is now a highly active community organization among similar organization all around Australia. Some of the functions NAQ Inc regularly organizes are: organize social events like Dashain and New Year celebrations; welcome and farewell programs to community members; mentor and help settle Nepalese student or PR arriving in Queensland; help NAFA to raise funds for various social/charitable projects in Nepal; organize sports events between the community members (weekly soccer and cricket game, annual TT comp, annual Tennis competitions); operate Nepali Radio Program; organize different cultural programs involving local and visiting artists from Nepal; and establish and strengthen relationship with NRN Australia and Nepalese community organization around Australia.