Event Calender 2019

S. No Event Tentative Date Remarks/Status
1 NAQ Nepali New Year 2076 BS Celebration 12-Apr-19 Completed
2 NAQ Supported Buddha Jayanti Celebration 18-May-19
3 NAQ Sagarmatha Table Tennis Championship 26-May-19
4 NAQ Sagarmatha Badminton Championship 16-Jun-19
5 NAQ Cricket Tournament 30-Jun-19
6 NAQ Sagarmatha Tennis Championship 14-Jul-19
7 NAQ Teej Festival 24-Aug-19
8 NAQ Cup (Football and Volley Ball Khasi Match) 06-Oct-19
9 NAQ Dashai-Tihar Mela/Community Awards 13-Oct-19
 NAQ Supported Community Events:

  1. Gajal Mushayara supporting Brisbane Bisauni
  2. Udhauli supporting Kirat Consortium
  3. Fundraising BBQ -Nepal Road Safety Fund
  4. Lhosar 201 9supporting Tamu Community Brisbane
  5. Lhosar Celebration Supporting to NIGA
  6. Holi Supporting to Local organiser
  7. NAFA Nepali New Year 2076
  8. Buddha Jayanti Supporting to NIGA
  9. Bhanu Jayanti supporting to Local organiser
  10. NAFA Nepal in the Park Supporting to NAFA
  11. Cricket Tournament Supporting to NCCB and Rhino
  12. NAQ Community Deusi – Bhailo



* Event Dates are tentative only, Final Date will be advised after completion of Venue Booking.
* All Nepalese Organisations active in Queensland are requested to consider above dates before finalising their Event Schedule.
* NAQ is open to any suggestions / discussions for the benefit of Nepalese community, please contact to discuss any related matters.