Executive Committee 2010/11

Role/Position Person
President Dr. Narayan Pokharel
Vice-president/ NAFA Co-ordinator Mrs. Kalpana Kaphle
Secretary Dr. Manoj Khanal
Treasurer Mr. Khil Raj Pandeya
NRN Australia Co-ordinator Mr. Ishwor Kuinkel
Social Co-ordinator Mr. Tej B. Katuwal
Cultural Co-ordinator Mrs. Arati Paudyal
Sports Co-ordinator Mr. Amit Lohani
Student Co-ordinator Mr. Sharan Bhatta
Communication/Marketing Co-ordinator Mr. Amrit Khatri

2 Commentsto Executive Committee 2010/11

  1. Can we put the photos of our new executive members?
    It will help us to know the people who are working for us

  2. Badri says:

    I agree with Partha Sir regarding photos.
    Also as we have formulated different subcommittes to assist discipline coordinators. Can we include them in the above list with their roles and responsiblities or somewhere so thateveryone know about this change.

    If above is not possible, can we inform them with their responsibilities and engage them in community activities, meetigs etc.
    Eventhough most of these committe members are happily working for NAQ for a long time, this initiative will help them to realise their accoutability and feel ownership.

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