Students and Youths

NAQ Students And Youths (SAY) initiative is to provide students and Youths with community leadership opportunities to assist young people in the transition from universities into community and individual career development.  Community leaders would be able to engage them to develop leadership skills which is highly regarded in Australian workforce industry. Similarly, our qualified and experienced community members could also be able to support students as a mentor to develop a focus to their career aspirations. NAQ provides such opportunities to students through various community events as well as educative and exploratory workshops sessions.

Some of the areas that NAQ would support through community engagement are

  1. Mental health and social Wellbeing
  2. Leadership Development Programs
  3. Mentoring/Workshops/Conferences
  4. Job search skills, Interview skills, employer expectations
  5. Career and industry exploration

Community Leadership

Leadership and Communication skills are highly valued by wider Australian community. NAQ community leadership program is to assist developing leadership skills on to our aspiring community members who are planning to lead our community in various community initiatives. Such aspiring leaders would be fully supported by NAQ Mentorship program. Such mentorship are available for career development as well as community leadership development. NAQ will endeavour to assign a suitable mentor to each of the interested members from within the community. NAQ is looking forward to great support from our experienced senior community members as a mentor to support our recently migrated and/or early career members.

For International Students

NAQ understands it can be challenging to start a new course in a country that has a different academic environment, language and culture. NAQ community network might be able to provide plenty of help and support to help students adjust settlement and studies in Australia. Remember that no one is alone and there are many international and local students in the same position.

In an attempt to make a smooth transition into local Nepali community and long term community engagement, NAQ Inc has established a network of Nepali origin students who could be able to guide the students who are primarily coming into their university. The following are the NAQ representatives studying at various universities across greater Brisbane Area. Please feel free to put your queries on to them. Please note that they are the volunteers and will do their best to address your request upon their convenient times.

  1. University of the Sunshine Coast, Sippy Downs Campus
  1. The University of Queensland
  1. Queensland University of Technology