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History of NAQ

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Source: Dr Badri Basnet World Expo-88


NAQ's Background

The history of the Nepalese community in Queensland dates back to 1980s. Most of the early Nepalese migrants were highly qualified and skilled professionals who chose to make Queensland their home. The sequence of migration gradually expanded throughout 1990s and has been phenomenal since mid-2000 due to the increased arrival of permanent residents from Nepal along with a large influx of Nepalese students in universities and colleges. With the growth of the Nepalese population in Brisbane and in other parts of Queensland, there was a felt need for a formal Nepalese organisation that could represent the population and bring them together to celebrate cultural festivals, collaborate in coordinating community activities and engage in community support initiatives if and when needed.

Prior to 2006, Queensland had no formal Nepali associations, and a social coordinator and sports coordinator were nominated every six months and one year respectively to take lead on organising social and sports activities. In addition, programs hosted by Nepal Australia Friendship Association (NAFA), established in 1988 as an overseas charity organisation, served as a platform for interaction and networking among the community members. Clearly, the limited opportunity could not fulfil the needs and aspirations of the growing Nepalese population in Queensland. This created a strong drive for the formation of an organisation that could represent Nepalese in Queensland. This led to the establishment of the Nepalese Association of Queensland (NAQ) Inc. with the aim of serving people of Nepalese origin residing in Queensland.


Like other community-based organisations, NAQ is an active community organisation striving to serve the Nepalese community in Queensland in the most effective, inclusive and interesting ways through its activities and innovative projects. NAQ as an organisation widely opens its door for membership to thousands of Nepalese residing in Queensland and welcomes new members to come on board and contribute by working with and for the Nepalese community and help maintain cultural diversity in Queensland.

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