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Introduction of NAQ

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The Nepalese Association of Queensland (NAQ) Inc., established in 2006, is a not-for-profit, non-religious, non-racial and apolitical association of the people of Nepalese origin residing in Queensland, Australia. The association has been incorporated under the Association Incorporation Act 1981 of the State of Queensland.


NAQ’s mission is to create an environment for the Nepalese community to be prosperous, successful, happy and healthy and to strengthen relationship between Queensland’s Nepalese community and other Australian societies.


The NAQ’s vision is to establish the identity of the Nepalese community in Queensland through the promotion of its culture, heritage and language; and unite and bond the community members and help assimilate the Nepalese community into Australian society.


The main objectives of the Association are as follows:

  • to promote the Nepalese culture, goodwill and harmony among the people of Nepalese origin residing in Queensland and in Australia in general and also to promote goodwill and friendship between the people of Nepal and Australia;
  • to provide guidance to newly arrived people of the Nepalese origin in Queensland whenever possible;
  • to preserve and promote Nepalese cultural and traditional activities in Australia;
  • to promote friendship amongst people of Nepalese origin, Australian and other community groups;
  • to assist in strengthening social and cultural ties between Nepal and Australia;

  • to pursue mutual co-operation and support amongst organisations of the people of Nepalese origin and other like-minded organisations in Australia and Nepal at the time of need and hardship;
  • to offer informal professional or expert advice to the people of Nepalese origin living in Australia;
  • to create a forum to discuss contemporary social issues facing community living in Australia; and
  • to assist members at the time of needs through the use of NAQ emergency fund.