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NAQ Student and Youth (SAY) working group supports mental health and social wellbeing of Nepalese origin students and youth. It runs leadership development and mentorship programs and provides community leadership opportunities to students and youth. Leadership and communication skills are highly valued by wider Australian community. NAQ community leadership program is to assist developing leadership skills to students and youth who are planning to lead various community initiatives. Under the NAQ mentorship program, NAQ will endeavour to assign a suitable mentor to support interested members from Nepalese community. NAQ Student and Youth (SAY) working group connects experienced senior community leaders as a mentor and recently migrated and/or early career members as mentees.  

Some of the areas that NAQ would support to students and youths are:

  • Welcome program to newly arrived students and migrants
  • Counselling on mental health and social wellbeing
  • Awareness program on road safety and water safety
  • Awareness program on alcoholism and gambling
  • Leadership development and mentorship programs
  • Mentoring/Workshops/Conferences
  • Job search skills, interview skills, CV writing and employer expectations
  • Career and industry internship
  • Academic support